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About "the spreadsheet"

In past years (2013-2017), the Philosophy Admissions wordpress website tracked and recorded when admissions decisions were released for a handful of departments. In the spring of 2018 however it appeared to be defunct. As such, a few folks out at Virginia Tech decided to keep track of the admissions decisions and to expand the data set to account for more PhD programs and some MA programs. For the sake of simplicity, and since making a website would have taken too much time, we used a "google spreadsheet" hence the name "philosophy admissions spreadsheet".

In the Fall of 2019, it was clear that keeping track of admissions decisions was not the only use for the spreadsheet. After all, there were a number of elements that could be unclear while applying to schools and programs. These unclear elements included deadlines, the cost of application fees, unclear transcript requirements, etc. As such, the spreadsheet was adapted to account for elements that were important for applying even as we continued to track admissions decisions later in the admissions cycle. The spreadsheet is far from perfect, however, and there are still more things to include and consider with respect to transparent and accessible graduate admissions. In partnership with other graduate students, colleagues, and departments, I will continue to make additions to the spreadsheet and consider elements of accessibility in the project of changing the landscape of admissions for folks who will apply in future cycles.

The editor/mod

Greetings folks! My name is Lindsay (Linds) Whittaker and I am the editor and mod for the Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet. I am also a fourth year PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Washington.

While most of my formal
philosophical work and investigations focuses on food ethics (pet food), epistemology (credibility excesses and delimitations of knowledge production in the sciences owing to the null curricula of sex/gender), social/political philosophy (HIV/AIDS policy), and philosophy of liberation, I care about making our discipline more accessible on the whole.

This website, the spreadsheet in all its iterations, and the data collection
initiatives run with support from the Philosophy Applicants Facebook Group and the University of Washington Department of Philosophy are all part of a larger conversation, and tangible movement, engendering better accessibility and transparency within our discipline with respect to graduate school admissions.

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